Textiles Embroidery Threads

Embroidery thread from Brazil - Top quality product offered by vetted local manufacturer Polycron. Kangaroo LLC is their sole representative in the US.

Product name: Ricamare (It means "Embroidering" in italian)


Product Specs: Trilobal Polyester, filament 120D/2 denier (Thickness)


Price: Call us for price per vicone (cone) w/ 4,000 meters (13123.36 ft.)


Quantity guaranteed of delivery in one month: 5,000 Kg (11023.11 lbs.) aprox. 45,000 vicones (cones) w/ 4,000 meters (13123.36 ft.) ea.


Weight and volume of each box in a container: Gross weight 6,4 kg (14.1096 lbs), Net weight 5,28 Kg (11.64041 lbs) - box dimensions 27x25x18=17.010 cm3 or 17.01 liters (1.0380139 cubic inches)


Maximum and minimum order: Max 5,000 Kg (11023.11 lbs.) per month, minimum 500 Kg (1102.31 lbs. )